13th Wijnand Jager
        Friese Masters

April 18, 2020 - Stiens

Preparation 13th Friese Masters 2020 in full swing


Please register the participants by downloading the Friese Masters or the Ne-Waza registration form from our download page and send it, completely filled in, by email to: friesemasters@gmail.com.

New main sponsor

Judo tournament the Friese Masters closed a deal with a new main sponsor, Wijnand Jager Accountants & Belastingadviseurs. From this year on the tournament will be renamed Wijnand Jager Friese Masters. The tournament has grown since 2008 into one of the largest international tournaments in the North of the Netherlands. Organizing foundation Judosport 4 All wants to put the Frisian Masters judo tournament even more firmly on the map with Wijnand Jager. 

Hoofdsponsor:  Wijnand Jager

Wijnand Jager

Co-sponsor:  Contact Center Live

Co-sponsor: Nihon Sport

Ne-Waza hoofdsponsor:  Weijer autoschade

Autoschade Weijer